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    Lancerquest's Shadowverse


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    Lancerquest's Shadowverse Empty Lancerquest's Shadowverse

    Post by TrentsFish on Thu Jun 25, 2009 4:46 pm


    Hundreds of ships from many Scifi Genres including:
    Babylon 5
    War of the worlds

    New Factions to fight or join
    The borg
    The Reevers
    The Narn
    The Shadows

    Old factions are equipt with all non vanilla ships and weaps and quite deadly.

    New systems to explore , new bases, new weapons, new equipment.
    Black market bases
    Cruise speed of a mighty WARP .997

    Come to our Website and download the mod
    See readme in the download for full credits.
    I.P. Address port 2302
    Lancerquest's Shadowverse

    Lancerquest latest additions to Shadowverse.

    10 new systems Including new Starwars systems, a New Borg system and a system so mind maddening it could only be named FRUSTRATION.

    New Equiptment : new shields, more variety of powerplants

    3 new battleships, 5 more freighters and 8 more fighters making it a grand total of 298 ships that you will see in the game.

    What we are working on for the future additions:
    Custom Bases For Clans
    Regenerating Armor for player ships
    more factions
    more commodities

    many more little easter egg suprises

    we are about two weeks from a major update which fixes nearly all the issues we have encountered since starting and more goodies will come along with the fixes.... come check us out
    The new update will be Ver. 1.32

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