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    Post by TrentsFish on Thu Jun 25, 2009 4:35 pm

    noone likes an empty topic so here goes :
    We are a Freelancer Community Site mainly dedicated to Shadowverse, a mod created by Frodo, however we are in the slow steady process of branching out to be a TRUE Community Site. We are adding ( at a slow pace which should pick up once the mod reaches a place where we can relax - Should ony be a couple of weeks...) modding sections as well as troubleshooting sections for help with problems encountered when one has issues with their game. Given enough time we intend to be a "full-service stop" for all your freelancer needs. We are a ways from that at the moment, though we are always there and will answer any posts put to us on our forums. We already have detailed instructions for new multi-player players who need info to get started with installing mods.

    I'm TrentsFish and I handle most of the web content - modding questions can be addressed to myself as well as Frodo, our resident modding expert...

    stop by and check us out - we are always happy to see new faces about !!
    we can be found at : Lancerquest's Shadowverse

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