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    latest info on my site and order mod


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    latest info on my site and order mod Empty latest info on my site and order mod

    Post by rsabatino on Fri Dec 26, 2008 10:03 am

    Welcome to my new site and forums i am very excited to finally have a portal/forums that are totally flexable and user friendly. so enjoy this new place it is totally freelancer the look and feel. stay tuned for some more news and info about the freelancer community.
    Yourst truly Richard W. Sabatino and if theres anybody who is looking to run a server for the order mod you deffinately run the mod and edited to fit your needs just give everybody credit for the contribution as i did. if you need a forum space you can also come here i will make a space for you free of charge.

    as you people know the evil empire revolution server is gone. but i am continuing my work with open single player order mods. i still have ideas in my brain some are crazy and wild. one is that the outcasts have sold they're souls to the nomads just for they're ship technology. but i am letting too much out of the bag. i am using the resource of my web site to bring you my work http://home.comcast.net/~rsabatino20/theordermod.zip.flmod this is the link to the order mod 56.64 open single player. this was the last stable mod ever played on my server. as you know i have a vista computer so its hard for me to work with certain tools.

    I Am Proud To Announce The Order Mod 56.64 . New To This Mod The Order NPCS Are Now Flying The Player Ships. The Patah, Sekhmet, Sutekh. Now The Order Are Becomeing A Real Faction. Not Only Are Lurking In The Shadows. The Patah Is A New Freighter That Has A Hold Of 250 . You Can Trade Cardimine For Firearms. With This Now Comes New Enemys Almost All Pirates Are After Order Ships. Theyre Only Allies Are The Blood Dragons And The GC . That Makes The Hagosha Very Mad And They Are Gunning For The Order. A Very Special Thanks To Mace He Gave Me A Suggestion About The Order Freighters And It Worked.Here Are People Who Deserve Credit
    The mod has the freelancer battle with the nomads by vamp 679
    I am using advanced battleship encounters by crabtree
    i am using the new order fighters by asthetic demon orignal ships by 'Shroud' fighter by Asmo (KitiHawk)also the patah gunship.
    'Cylon Raider' fighter by Porche Also I using the patah an order freighter frm the same person. So have fun with this mod.
    Baked Potatoe
    Louva-Deus for the freelancer sdk
    Mace For His Support
    Lancers Reactor For Support Tutorials And Mod Downloads
    Thanks To Gibbon From Gizmo Forums For The Lights Mod File And Tutorials
    http://hosted.filefront.com/rsabatino this link is to all my work on file front
    special thanks to adui and flybyu for leting me look at his code for advanced battleships.
    also further tweaks changed the voice of order piolets.


    remember if buy anything from evga register it with my promo code thanks

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