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    Post by [UW]HunterKiller on Fri May 22, 2009 12:28 am

    I'm just a Pirate
    Born and raised
    I leave all the Traders
    Damaged and dazed

    I head for a jumphole
    At the speed of light
    Detected on radar
    It's coming in sight

    I make the jump
    And what do I see
    A dozen Bounty Hunters
    Coming at me

    It's not an easy life
    With a price on your head
    It's a fight or you die
    'Cause you're 'Wanted...Dead'

    My precious loot
    Is in perile now
    I hope to get through this
    I'm in trouble and how

    Here comes a Hornet
    Another and three
    Damnit these Hunters
    Are gunning for me

    My engines are stunned
    As I need to run
    I crack a smile
    And I arm my guns

    No need to worry
    I'm now in control
    My weapons are armed
    Let's Rock and Roll

    I'm only a Pirate
    Born and raised
    Living this lifestyle
    Cardamine Crazed

    A salvo of fire
    Comes streaming at me
    Port and starboard
    Never hitting me

    I target thier leader
    Of the four just ahead
    I lose a Sunslayer
    Thier leader is dead

    The blast from the Torp
    Took down his Wingmen
    I was lucky myself
    I'm just dazed again

    That's four of the twelve
    To add to my count
    Damn that friggin bounty
    Must be climbing in amount

    Using Batt and Botts
    To aid in repairs
    There's eight more of them suckers
    Hiding out there

    The leader that flanked me
    Is upon me now
    Lasers a pounding
    Taking damage and how

    Reversing my thrusters
    As he crosses my path
    I fire a Cannonball
    And he suffers my wrath

    I fill him with holes
    As his shields go down
    His wingmen take on hits
    As I fill the space with rounds

    I'm just a Pirate
    Born and raised
    I fight for my life
    Cardamine Crazed

    *Opening comm channels*

    //That's four more down,
    Bounty's gone up.
    The Bounty Hunters Guild's crazy,
    To think I'm a chump.

    That's eight Hunters total
    With you four out of range
    You've got to be crazy
    To try to engage

    For I am "HunterKiller"
    Universally known
    My radioed advice
    Is to hightail it home

    I hunt you for fun
    Bounty or none
    Is your Freedom worth it
    To die under my guns

    If by chance we meet
    In another space and time
    It'll be then that we'll see
    Who lives a long time


    {{{Cruise engines engaging. No Hornet comes near}}}

    My loot is with me
    Destination unknown
    Jumphole ahead
    I'm heading home

    I'm just a Pirate
    That's it for me
    I live the fast life
    And the money is free.

    Note to all: All the things I write are from my own hand and mind. Plagerism is against the law.

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