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    International Freelancer Xfire Group & Chatroom !!


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    International Freelancer Xfire Group & Chatroom !!

    Post by Bas on Wed Feb 25, 2009 2:07 pm


    I just opened a Xfire group for the FL Comm:

    I also opened a xfire chatroom "freelancer"

    Tutorial how to join clan & chatroom:

    The Clanfeature allows you to have everyone in your friendlist who is in the group.

    You have to set up and install xfire first.

    4. You may want to speak to one group admin to get quicker accepted.

    How to join "freelancer" chat room:

    (Of course you have to enter "freelancer" instead of freespace2 xD)

    Just wrote the tut for FS2 some time ago Razz

    Information 'bout X-fire:

    Xfire is an Instant Messenger (like ICQ or MSN) with an "Ingame Chat" ability. That means, you can chat with other people while playing your games. Thereover, it also has features like chatrooms, gamestats, miniprofile, voice chat, auto screenshot and video uploads, auto patch downloads, server browser and much more. Try it out! (You can disable the features you don't like)

    Official product tour:

    1. Adding Friends
    2. Messaging & Xfire In-Game
    3. One Click Join & Game Management
    4. Friends of Friends
    5. Voice Chat
    6. Chat Rooms
    7. Group Voice Chat
    8. Game Lobbies
    9. Download System and Channels
    10. Automatic Patch Downloads
    11. Automatic Screenshot Uploads
    12. Server Browser
    13. Profile Page
    14. Game Stats
    15. Miniprofiles


    Feel free to spread around at your clan forums, ty.

    PS: RS, your DL for FL trial version is broken. If you want to, you can use this as mirror: http://www.freelancer-reborn.de/freelancer_demo.exe

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